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Ben Salisbury


Nature’s Great Events is a flag-ship BBC natural history series, narrated by David Attenborough, focusing on the planet’s most breathtaking natural events, and following the dramatic wildlife stories behind them.

As part of the celebrations for the re-opening of Bristol’s Colston Hall in 2009, Ben and Barnaby Taylor’s score was performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra with a live narration by David Attenborough. The music was adapted by the composers into a series of orchestral suites, and accompanied specially edited footage from the series on a huge cinema screen.


Press for Nature’s Great Events Live

"The whole, room-filling, multi-sensory headswim, though, owed everything to the evening's real stars - the crisply-suited composers Ben Salisbury and Barnaby Taylor who graciously took a well-earned two minutes of pre-encore stage time to democratically thank the rest of the unsung ensemble. Their sweepingly grandiose orchestral score thumped, thrummed and trilled, flooding the primal on-screen drama with adrenaline, tenderness and tension. Dazzlingly immersive. Gratifyingly Bristolian."
Venue Magazine

"Seeing these creatures live, die and survive in their private space, together with top human music and the voice from the skies, was only ever going to be a magnificent evening’s entertainment."
Suit Yourself Magazine


Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Merit Award For Music