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Ben Salisbury


The score for Devs is a collaboration between Ben and The Insects. Episode 1 also features work by Ben and Geoff Barrow, with Geoff providing additional music throughout the rest of the series.

“Devs expands on themes from Garland’s recent sci-fi movies, with key roles for some recurring collaborators: Sonoya Mizuno, cinematographer Rob Hardy, production designer Mark Digby, and composers Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury (who share their Devs credit with The Insects.) At this point, Barrow and Salisbury’s vibrant, occasionally nauseating music is as important to Garland’s brand as John Williams is to Star Wars, blasting us with a score that ranges from jazzy flourishes to choral hymns to ominous orchestral thrums.” The Daily Dot

“Overlaying all of this is a chilling, almost religious score from Ben Salisbury, The Insects and Geoff Barrow – harsh woodwinds and echoey chants that feel culled from around the world.” Slashfilm